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7 Delightful & Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto


Vegetarians rejoice! Toronto has become a bastion of meat-free cuisine that satisfies your dietary requirements and offers a delectable series of dishes that reassures you’ll be eating well for a lifetime.

There are many great vegetarian and vegan eateries in the city. Still, some must be tried, bringing a new dynamic to your diet. So what are the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto?

First, let’s highlight how we determined the best ones.

What Makes the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto?


Almost every restaurant in Toronto will offer a few vegetarian or vegan choices on their menu. There’s no doubt that the surge in popularity of dietary choice has shaped the offerings into nearly every cuisine throughout the city.

However, there are dedicated vegetarian restaurants that offer hassle-free avenues for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy some outstanding meals. It’s come to a point where there are so many people that finding the best places to eat is tricky.

We went on a journey to discover the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto using the following criteria:

  • The menu is 100% vegetarian (with at least a few vegan options)
  • Quality of the food
  • Range of menu items available
  • A decent standard of customer service

We also noted the atmosphere of the restaurants, though not as significant as the factors listed above.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in TorontoGoogle RatingNo. of Google Reviews
Fresh on Eglinton4.21,892
Rosalinda Restaurant4.31,328
Hello 1234.51,044
Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant4.6964
Ital Vital Rastarant4.7900
The Veggie Thali4.2535

See Our 7 Choices for Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

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So with that in mind, let’s run through our choices for the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto.


“Comfort food meets vegetarian cuisine”

Enjoy a delicious, plant-based food at PLANTA (Image source: PLANTA Instagram)

Let’s start our list with PLANTA, arguably one of Toronto’s premier establishments for vegetarian food. Why has the place become so popular? Not only is the menu entirely suitable for vegetarians, but almost every item is vegan-friendly.

PLANTA’s plant-based pizza is a must-try for any vegetarian. (Image source: PLANTA Instagram)

PLANTA has a fantastic selection of dishes that can warm any vegetarian’s heart, including fantastically prepared burgers, pizzas, and lasagna. It’s easy to see why so many with dietary requirements flock here to get their comfort food cravings sorted!

Pricing: Signature dishes start at $19.95


  • A wide variety of vegetarian dishes is available
  • Most items are vegan-friendly, too
  • Pleasing, modern decor


  • All locations get busy
  • Some complaints about long waits for service
  • Not a unique place as it’s a chain restaurant

Location: 1221 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5R 3P5

Google Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5 (3,016 reviews)

Without question, PLANTA is one of Toronto’s best vegetarian restaurants. Even though it’s a series of eateries, it doesn’t deter patrons from enjoying all the excellent vegetarian meals. The famous Bay St location underlines that notion, with over 3,000 reviews awarding it a 4.4-star average.

Fresh on Eglinton

“Fresh, healthy, and delicious”

Fresh on Eglinton’s salads are as beautiful as they are delicious (Image source: Fresh on Eglinton Instagram)

Let’s move on to one of Toronto’s best independent vegetarian establishments, Fresh on Eglinton. Again, this restaurant offers the charm of a small family eatery and opens its doors to those with other dietary requirements, offering many vegan dishes.

Enjoy a cozy and relaxing meal at Fresh on Eglinton. (Image source: Fresh on Eglinton Instagram)

Many guests have reveled in their experience, sharing their beautifully-crafted vegetarian and vegan dishes that could impress the most staunch non-vegetarian. The fast and friendly service is another pillar of what makes a visit to Fresh on Eglinton worthwhile.

Pricing: Salads starts at $17.00


  • Delicious artisanal vegetarian and vegan dishes
  • The beautiful decor creates a charming environment
  • Friendly service to enhance the experience


  • A pricey vegetarian restaurant
  • Some dishes could use better presentation
  • Takeout quality doesn’t appear to match dine-in

Location: 101 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P 1H4

Google Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5 (1,892 reviews)

Fresh on Eglinton is one of the more popular independent establishments offering vegetarian and vegan tastes that transcend expectations. The restaurant has plenty of positive feedback in its 1,900 reviews, with a 4.2-star average to support its prominence.

Rosalinda Restaurant

“Elevating vegan cuisine to new heights”

Rosalinda’s decor is as vibrant and colorful as their food (Image source: Rosalinda Restaurant Instagram)

Rosalinda is another independent eatery specializing in self-proclaimed “elevated vegan cuisine.” It’s hard to argue with that statement after indulging in these dishes; the meals offered are divine.

Rosalinda’s tacos are almost too beautiful to eat. (Image source: Rosalinda Restaurant Instagram)

This vegan restaurant is almost an overload of the senses, serving colorful dishes that look like works of art and packing incredible flavors into their Mexican-inspired meals. If you’re seeking a more unique vegetarian or vegan experience, Rosalinda Restaurant should be on your bucket list.

Pricing: Salads start at $15.00


  • Flavorful Mexican-themed vegan dishes
  • Gluten-free options are also available
  • A unique dining atmosphere


  • It gets hectic during peak dining hours
  • High prices for small portions
  • Some dishes don’t meet expectations

Location: 133 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2L3

Google Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5 (1,328 reviews)

Many Toronto vegans adore Rosalinda Restaurant for curating a location that offers such extraordinary vegan cuisine. The tacos, burgers, and bowls have particular praise in the over 1,300 reviews, averaging a 4.3-star rating.

Hello 123

“Where vegetarian and vegan cuisine takes center stage”

Cozy up with friends and family at Hello 123’s warm and welcoming food. ( Image Source: Hello 123 Instagram)

Hello 123’s popularity has seen the restaurant open several locations throughout Toronto. Still, it hasn’t forgotten its humble roots and is one of the city’s premier locations for vegetarian/vegan cuisine.

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring at Hello 123.  (Image source:  Hello 123 Instagram)

The cozy locations create a casual dining space for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy a varied menu featuring mouth-watering dishes spanning a spectrum of cuisines. If you’re after something truly outstanding, try Hello 123’s signature vegan tapas.

Pricing: Salads start at $14.00


  • A broad range of vegan and vegetarian dishes
  • A cozy spot to enjoy comfort favorites
  • Great place to bring a couple of veggie/vegan friends


  • Often long waits to get served
  • Staff not as attentive as guests would like
  • Inconsistencies with opening hours

Location: 1122 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H9

Google Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 (1,044 reviews)

Hello 123’s Queen St location leads the way as one of Toronto’s higher-rated vegetarian/vegan establishments. The 1000+ reviews have awarded the eatery a 4.5-star average, where the varied menu and unique options are much appreciated.

Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant

“Chinese food that is deliciously vegan”

Buddha’s Vegan Kitchen has mock meat and Asian dishes for everyone. (Image source: Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant Instagram)

Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant has a hook that could attract new vegans or those who miss non-vegan Chinese dishes. This venue offers Asian meals featuring mock meats, allowing diners to enjoy the cuisine’s classics without worrying about the ingredients.

Enjoy Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant’s savory and filling Veggie Beef & Tofu w/ Lemongrass Sauce (image source: Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant Instagram)

What’s particularly impressive about Buddha’s Vegan Restaurants is that the imitation meats recreate some Chinese dishes very well. The mock duck is a standout meal, complemented with fantastic hot and sour soup and a plate of fried rice.

Pricing: Vegetable Menu starts at $12.99


  • Excellent vegan versions of classic Chinese dishes
  • Prices are reasonable for portion size
  • Efficient service getting your food out fast


  • Not the finest quality ingredients used
  • Some health and hygiene concerns
  • Particular dishes not up to expectations

Location: 666 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1H9

Google Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5 (964 reviews)

Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant remains a local vegetarian and vegan favorite because of its dedication to Chinese cuisine and unpretentious atmosphere. The venue is praised through its over 960 reviews, offering it a 4.6-star average.

Ital Vital Rastarant

“Vegan dishes that burst with tropical flavors”

Feast your eyes (and your tastebuds) on Ital Vital’s colorful and delicious vegan curries. (Image source: Ital Vital Rastarant Instagram)

Can we take a moment to appreciate the clever pun in Ital Vital “Rastarant”? This Caribbean eatery puts the “rasta” into their restaurant, offering island cuisine highlighting the exciting flavors of the sun and sea without the meat.

Taste the flavors of the sun and sea with Ital Vital’s vegetarian and vegan island cuisine.  (Image source: Ital Vital Rastarant Instagram)

Ital Vital is a laid-back takeout cafe that serves vegetarian and vegan dishes that’ll whisk you away to a Caribbean island. The fresh-pressed juices burst with tropical flavors, and the vegan curries infuse the best homemade island cuisine. There’s no doubt you’ll discover your inner “rasta.”

Pricing: Plant-Based Combos Start at $18.07


  • Flavor-packed Caribbean cuisine
  • The fresh-pressed juices are phenomenal
  • Excellent selection of dishes


  • The restaurant is takeout only
  • There can be long lines for service
  • Portion sizes could be bigger

Location:  741 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON M1L 3J4

Google Rating: 4.7 stars out of 5 (900 reviews)

Ital Vital has you covered if you’re seeking an escapist island meal that fits your vegetarian or vegan dietary requirements. There’s no questioning the quality of this restaurant, where 900 reviews award the location with a 4.7-star average.

The Veggie Thali

“ Indian cuisine perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike”

Get your Indian food fix without any meat or animal products at The Veggie Thali. (Image source: The Veggie Thali Instagram

Finally, we’ll veer to another famed vegetarian and vegan cuisine in India, where The Veggie Thali offers masterful dishes. So if you’re craving a great curry or samosa, this family-run takeout cafe is a place to enjoy the best of this famous South Asian cuisine.

The Veggie Thali’s “Bhel Puri” is a feast for the senses. (Image source: The Veggie Thali Instagram)

The Veggie Thali has become Toronto’s go-to location for vegetarians and vegans that want to enjoy the explosive flavors of Indian cuisine yet struggle to find restaurants that meet their dietary requirements. However, you’ll find nothing short of vegan culinary magic in these dishes, where even non-vegans can enjoy the exquisite tastes of the combos.

Pricing: Thali starts at $18.00


  • All-vegan Indian food combos
  • A family-run restaurant with a charming atmosphere
  • Many visitors praise the authenticity of tastes


  • It’s takeout only
  • Health and safety standards in question
  • Some dishes aren’t as fresh later in the day

Location: 1410 Victoria Park Ave, North York, ON M4A 2L8

Google Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5 (535 reviews)

Toronto appreciates having a 100% vegan Indian eatery to get their South Asian cuisine, where there’s now more than one location to satisfy curry cravings! The Victoria Park Ave location is the most popular, with over 500 reviews giving it a 4.2-star average.

Enjoy the Best Vegetarian Cuisine in Toronto

Toronto has seen a seismic shift towards a population going vegetarian or vegan. Naturally, many restaurants emerged to cater to those dietary requirements, and now plenty is dedicated only to meat-free options.

You’ll never fall short of vegetarian choices in the city, but visit our top 7 picks; you won’t regret it!