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Light Up Your Night with the Best Karaoke in Toronto

You can be a singing superstar to enjoy karaoke. The activity has been beloved by residents for years as a way to let loose, create memories, and bring people together within the hustle and bustle of Toronto.

Whether you’re a karaoke veteran or a Toronto visitor looking for something to do, the city is packed with fabulous venues to enjoy, many themed and with outstanding hospitality. So which places will light up your evening with an unforgettable karaoke experience?

This guide is here to help!

Why Does Karaoke Make a Great Night in Toronto?

Karaoke Night Out With Your Friends Is One Of The Best Ways To De-Stress.
Karaoke Night Out With Your Friends Is One Of The Best Ways To De-Stress.

Karaoke is a great way to socialize, have a few laughs, and kick off a memorable party. It’s an experience that showcases extraordinary talent and takes the shy out of their shell. The activity brings people together and serves as a great activity to begin or end your evening.

So if you’re coming off an adrenaline high from Levelup Reality or want an activity before a trip to the Rogers Centre, karaoke always is an excellent choice. So are there any venues you should visit in particular?

What makes the best karaoke in Toronto?

What is the Best Karaoke in Toronto?

Karaoke bars are synonymous with Asian culture. Modern establishments began in Japan in the 1960s and have since exploded in popularity throughout Asia, with venues becoming the go-to locations to spend an entertaining evening for businesspersons, friends, and parties.

With Toronto’s significant Asian population and long-standing heritage, it’s only natural that a flurry of magnificent karaoke bars would rise in the city. Like most of the world, the town took to these entertainment establishments, creating singing sanctuaries for those who enjoy sharing their musical voice.

Today, there are many bars to choose between, and finding the best ones can take time and effort. We’re here to help you decide which ones to visit!

How Did We Decide on the Best Karaoke Bars in Toronto?

As we’ve mentioned, Toronto is a city chock-full of karaoke bars, ranging from the casual drop-in location to the more grandiose musical occasion. But with many available, how do you decide which one to visit? Especially since there are so many concentrated in a small area?

We always enjoy karaoke as much as the next enthusiast and curated a few defining factors of what makes the best karaoke in Toronto. Those include:

  • Reputable customer service

  • Clean and accessible location

  • Wide variety of songs to choose from

  • A generally enjoyable experience for both small and large parties

  • No hassle booking if reservations are required

  • Positive online feedback from visitors

We applied these factors to the many karaoke bars we visited in Toronto. While many of them were great fun, a select few stood out, and ones we can recommend to see, even repeatedly.

Discover our best karaoke in Toronto list below.

5 Places for the Best Karaoke in Toronto

So with all those factors in mind, we’ve outlined these five locations as the best karaoke in Toronto.

1. Bar + Karaoke Lounge

Best private room karaoke”

Call Your Best Buds And Fill Bar + Karaoke Lounge’s Large Private Room!
Call Your Best Buds And Fill Bar + Karaoke Lounge’s Large Private Room!

You can’t get more straight to the point than a venue that says what it does on the tin! Bar + Karaoke Lounge is a location that hosts a private karaoke experience across multiple rooms, allowing parties of up to 30 people to share their best singing voices.

Bar + Karaoke Lounge focuses on delivering an authentic karaoke experience, offering an extensive song list in multiple Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and even Thai. Naturally, there are plenty of English tracks to belt out, supplemented with fantastic cocktails, shooters, martinis, and beer.


  • Seamless party experience from arrival to departure

  • Let’s you bring in outside food

  • An extensive song list including popular Asian tracks


  • It can get a little rowdy during busy periods

  • Time strict on the booking slots

  • Some complaints about customer service

Chill At Their Cozy Lounge While Waiting For A Karaoke Room To Be Available.
Chill At Their Cozy Lounge While Waiting For A Karaoke Room To Be Available.

It’s safe to say that Bar + Karaoke Lounge is a Toronto favorite, seeing over 1,600 reviews with a 4.4-star average. Customers seem to enjoy the drive towards a more authentic Asian karaoke experience but advise that there’s no wiggle room for the timeslot you’ve booked for your party.

2. Kramer’s Bar & Grill

Best karaoke pub”

Host A Karaoke Party At Kramer's Bar & Grill.
Host A Karaoke Party At Kramer’s Bar & Grill.

Kramer’s Bar & Grill has become a Toronto institution, given its charming dark wood decor and laid-back pub atmosphere. But did you know they also have a large events hall inside the venue, where you can host a karaoke party of up to 100 people?

They say the best singalongs come with the most people involved, and Kramer’s Bar & Grill certainly accommodates that musical potential. The cocktail lounge above the main venue has plenty of party potential with the included karaoke machines, which are great for large parties, events, or business functions.


  • A spacious area for a large karaoke party

  • A stylish environment to host friends, family, and colleagues

  • Great atmosphere for a singalong


  • Some miscommunication about room bookings

  • Food is average compared to other venues

  • More for pre-booked large karaoke parties than casual nights out

You Can Even Take The Fun Outside!
You Can Even Take The Fun Outside!

Kramer’s Bar & Grill has a general rating of 4.1 stars across nearly 650 reviews. However, customer feedback points out that the room for karaoke is a phenomenal experience with many people at a party. Make sure you’re solidly booked in, as there have been instances of double booking.

3. On the Rocks

Karaoke spot in a casual sports bar environment.”

Sing Your Heart Out With Friends At On The Rocks.
Sing Your Heart Out With Friends At On The Rocks.

On the Rocks is a karaoke bar with a unique presence, incorporating the best of Toronto’s diverse reputation into the venue. The restaurant serves delectable Chinese dishes in a casual sports bar environment, with karaoke rooms to sing out your joy post-meal.

If you’re looking to pair dinner with an activity, On the Rocks has everything loaded and ready to entertain. There’s an extensive song list and an easy-to-book system to secure a karaoke room for parties of up to 60. There’s also casual karaoke drop-in between Wednesday-Saturday, meaning you can rock up and impress the world with your voice whenever!


  • Casual karaoke drop-in for a spontaneous evening

  • Delicious Chinese dishes for dinner

  • Hybrid sports and karaoke bar


  • Some complaints of unprofessionalism outside of karaoke

  • Can get very busy in the drop-in sessions

  • You’ll have to buy drinks to get the chance to sing.

Celebrate Special Occasions Here As Well!
Celebrate Special Occasions Here As Well!

On the Rocks has gained fame as a downtown location to strap on a feedbag and sing to your heart’s content. The venue has an average 4.1-star rating supported by over 300 reviews, with almost exclusive praise for the karaoke session but questions about the restaurant area.

4. Shout Karaoke

Best Asian-inspired karaoke bar”

Sing All You Want Without Disturbing Other Rooms At Shout Karaoke.
Sing All You Want Without Disturbing Other Rooms At Shout Karaoke.

Karaoke is a cultural staple in Korea. Shout Karaoke is a location that attempts to replicate the experience in the heart of Yonge St.

The venue is a casual karaoke bar offering private rooms and a drop-in experience, supplemented with a range of beers and soju. The straightforwardness of visits is a refreshing approach to those who want to get out there and sing.

The machines are loaded with English, Korean, and Japanese hits to immerse yourself in the complete karaoke experience. While full meals aren’t available, there are snacks such as chips and ramen to replenish your energy after a singing session.

Cheers To The Good Life!
Cheers To The Good Life!


  • Great prices for karaoke sessions

  • Clean and well-organized

  • Accessible location


  • Not much food available

  • More Asian tracks than English on the karaoke machines

  • Equipment is more on the dated side

The simplicity of Shout Karaoke has customers reveling in praise for those looking for a straightforward way to sing and have a good time. The venue has a 4.4-star average rating across over 300 reviews, allowing visitors to share their singing voices but using older karaoke equipment.

5. Tenjin Karaoke Bar

Best Japanese-inspired karaoke bar”

Eat Your Favorite Japanese Food While Enjoying Good Music At Tenjin Karaoke Bar.
Eat Your Favorite Japanese Food While Enjoying Good Music At Tenjin Karaoke Bar.

Tenjin Karaoke Bar is downtown Toronto’s #1 karaoke venue, or so it proclaims. This Japanese-themed bar has cultivated a fun-loving atmosphere, great food, and a comfortable singing environment.

There’s no doubt that Tenjin is one of the best spots to get your singing voice, accommodating both casual nights out and organized parties. The interiors are stylish, replicating a Tokyo-reminiscent karaoke lounge that offers Asian-spirited cocktails to get you ready to take the mic.

Music Never Stops At Tenjin Karaoke Bar.
Music Never Stops At Tenjin Karaoke Bar.


  • Authentic Japanese karaoke bar experience

  • Massive song list with tracks in English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese

  • Interiors are very stylish, impressing visitors


  • Some of the food was not up to expectations

  • Booking recommended despite drop-in availability

  • More expensive than other karaoke bats

Japanese Noodles Anyone?
Japanese Noodles Anyone?

Tenjin Karaoke Bar is among the highest-ranked karaoke bars, with a 4.8-star average. However, it only has 16 reviews backing that statistic. The more realistic outlook would be to view their parent establishment, Dime & Dim, below, which sees a 4.3-star rating across nearly 300 reviews.

So with our top karaoke joints in Toronto, are you ready to take the stage and become a singing superstar?

Find Your Voice with the Best Karaoke in Toronto

There are many karaoke bars in Toronto to explore. However, if you’re a karaoke fanatic, our list highlights the must-visit locations.

There’s plenty of potential to create a memorable night visiting these places. So get your singing voice warmed up and prepare for a musical night on the town!