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Party ‘Til Sunrise: Best Clubs In Toronto To Dance The Night Away

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What’s up, partygoer? If you’re on the hunt for your next party place, our curated list of the best nightclubs in Toronto will take your nightlife to the next level!

We researched them thoroughly, as there are tons of nightclubs in Toronto to choose from.

  • First, we selected only the nightclubs with Google Ratings of 4.0 stars above.
  • Then, we checked the type and quality of music that each club plays, the drinks they offer including their prices, and people’s afterthoughts about their experience through reviews.
  • Lastly, we have carefully chosen each bar that has distinct features and caters to their niches.

Party ‘Til Sunrise: Best Clubs In Toronto To Dance The Night Away

Forget your problems for now, and move your body with the beat of the music. Let’s get the party started!


“The Best Dance Club”

From Coda Google Business Image
From Coda Google Business Image

What You Can Expect:

  • Can party the whole night since it’s open until dawn. This is the perfect place to check out if you enjoy having a wild time during the long hours.
  • Has the best EDM, tech house, and deep house music playlist that goes well with any dance moves
  • Great sounds and lighting systems, including a spacious dance floor to accommodate a lot of partygoers (around 500 people).
  • Provides a variety of refreshments, including chicken tacos and freshly cut fruit, to help you avoid making a 2 AM street meat run.
  • No dress code requirement, wear your favorite loose t-shirt or that glittering sultry dress.

About the Club

Toronto’s nightlife industry and its late-night revelers will enjoy a world-class experience at Coda, a medium-sized music venue that puts music first. It is a place to be lost together by sound and takes pride in connectivity and self-expression. Coda is the electronic hub of Toronto, showcasing the best of both national and local talent.

Location: 794 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3G1

Google Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 Stars (1,049 Reviews)

Age Restriction: at least 19 years old

Price: Drinks start at $9 and liquor bottle prices range from $200 to $300

The Piston

“The Best Mix Of A Bar and NightClub”

The Piston Google Business Image, Shane Edwards
The Piston Google Business Image, Shane Edwards

What You Can Expect:

  • Their ’90s dance party will make you feel as if you have time-traveled and gone back to the ’90s.
  • Plenty of space to dance (up to 100 people), and a separate bar at the front makes it easy to take breaks from the action.
  • The kind of place where you go dancing with friends who just want to relax and don’t need VIP bottle service, with its luxuriant draperies offset by leather booths.
  • Bands and DJs are scheduled from Tuesday through Thursday. Friday is disco night, and various events are held every Saturday.
  • They don’t allow reservations or guest list and they strictly follow their maximum capacity, so make sure you come early.

About The Club

Ready to fly back in time to the 1990s? If you’re looking for a chill place to spend your nights, you shouldn’t miss The Piston Toronto, a bar, music venue, and club all in one.

The Piston offers a huge stage with excellent sightlines and a full bar with a retro atmosphere in a friendly, warmly illuminated environment. The club is divided into two sections: the main dance floor is in one, and the cocktail and snack bar is in the other.

Live performances are included at the club, and DJs play music of different genres (rock, pop, and indie) from the previous five decades. Visitors have a variety of alternatives thanks to the distinction between a bar and a venue, from drunken talks to boisterous celebrations.

Location: 937 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, M6H 1L4

Google Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 Stars (389 Reviews)

Age Restriction: 19 years old and above

Price: Drinks are about $10


“The Best Club For Internationally known DJs”

 Nest Website Gallery
Nest Website Gallery

What You Can Expect:

  • The club primarily plays house music and invites a wide range of well-known DJs from around the world to ensure that the guests enjoy a heart-pounding good time.
  • Has enormous art deco nests all over the place (hence the name)
  • The place doubles as a restaurant and a nightclub that provides a wide range of ambiance.
  • Its wide floor area of 13,000 square feet can accommodate even the wildest dancers, and there are bars on either end to keep you from becoming too thirsty.
  • Similar to other nightclubs, things get more exciting after midnight
 Nest Website Gallery
Nest Website Gallery

About The Club

A new benchmark for Toronto’s nightlife and sound experience, Nest is a nightclub and tapas bar situated on College Street.

High-quality audio and energetic music match the excitement of the patrons entering the club in the freshly remodeled, 13,000-square-foot, Little Italy club. Internationally famous DJ talent performs on Friday evenings, and local artists perform during house music nights on Saturdays. On weekends, the adjacent restaurant stays open late and serves a menu of tapas and small dishes.

Location: 423 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1

Google Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars (719 Reviews)

Age Restriction: 19 years old and above

Price: $10 – $15 for cocktails

El Convento Rico

“The Most LGBTQIA-Friendly Club”

El Convento Rico Google Business Image
El Convento Rico Google Business Image

What You Can Expect

  • Prepare yourself for one of the most diverse crowds you’ll ever see in a Toronto bar, as well as some stunning drag queens shaking it to the Latin beat.
  • No dress code, everyone is welcome.
  • For the songs, expect a mix of Top 40, Salsa, and some oldies for good measure.
  • They have dance lessons on Friday nights. This is best for those who haven’t been clubbing for quite some time and want to practice their dance moves.
  • You can book this place for special occasions such as birthday and bachelorette parties.

About The Club

Don’t be deceived by its religious name. This Little Italy club hosts a vibrant drag show on the weekends that features all kinds of gender-bending fun. Dancing to live DJs blasting Latin-inspired music in between sets, this vibrant club attracts people from all walks of life and a wide range of ages due to its love of Latin music and drag culture. The experience may be unique, but you won’t feel uncomfortable here.

Location: 750 College St. Toronto, ON M6G 1C4

Google Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0 Stars (462 Reviews)

Age Restriction: 19 years old and above

Price: Beer starts at $6 per mug. Bottled services range from $175 to $350.

Lula Lounge

“The Best Club For Latin Dancing”

Lula Lounge Website
Lula Lounge Website

What You Can Expect

  • Fridays and Saturdays are Latin nights. Here, you can enjoy a delicious tropical dinner and drinks, sign up for a dance lesson, and then practice your new moves with the large live band and DJ. Salsa, bachata, reggaeton, and top 40 hits are available for dancing. And if you’re in solo mode, there’s no need to look for a partner to hit the dance floor, you can do it alone!
  • Sundays to Thursdays are for a diverse range of performances. The top drag brunch events in Toronto feature some of the best drag queens in the city, along with live jazz, hip hop, Brazilian, a private opera experience, a magic act, and many more!

About The Club

Live salsa, Brazilian, global roots, and jazz music performed by a variety of local performers as well as performances by foreign artists can be found in Toronto’s Lula Lounge. They provide a dinner and show package every weekend that consists of a three-course tropical fusion meal, a beginner dance class, and fantastic live music for your dancing delight. Bring your friends along for a great evening, and be sure to taste one of their legendary Cuban mojitos!

Location: 1585 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1T9

Google Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0 Stars (800 Reviews)

Age Restriction:

Being a restaurant, Lula Lounge allows minors under the age of 19 until 11 PM (as long as they’re accompanied by their parents or legal guardian). From 11 PM onwards, only those 19 years of age and above can stay.


The dinner and show prix fixe every Friday and Saturday is $64 each (includes a three-course meal, a salsa lesson, plus a live band and DJ performance). They serve the same dinner menu à la carte on most weeknights when live music is played (see full menu list here).

Dance The Night Away At These Toronto NightClubs

After a full day (or week) of work, wouldn’t you want to dance that stress away? And if you’re thinking you’re too tired to party, I’m sure these clubs in Toronto will recharge you for the whole night!

Toronto never sleeps when it comes to partying, and the night is always young here. So gather your friends, put on your best dress, and shake your body like there’s no tomorrow!