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Enjoy Sipping The Best Bubble Tea in Toronto At These Spots


Bubble tea has become a beloved drink around the world, and Toronto is no exception. With so many bubble tea places popping up in the city, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go for your next boba fix.

And that’s where this article comes in. Ranging from classic milk teas to fruit teas and even some unique flavors in between, we’ll guide you through the must-visit spots for any bubble tea lover. So whether you’re a Toronto local or just visiting, join us on this delicious journey to discover the best bubble tea places in the city.

Get ready to sip your way through Toronto!

What Makes A Great Bubble Tea?


When it comes to bubble tea, there are a few key elements that separate the good from the great. First and foremost, a great bubble tea starts with:

  • High-quality ingredients: from the tea itself to the flavorings and toppings, every component of the drink should be carefully selected and prepared to ensure the best possible taste.
  • Balance of sweetness and creaminess: While bubble tea is often associated with its sweet, indulgent flavor, it’s important to get the ratio just right. Too sweet or too creamy, and the drink can become overwhelming. But when the sweetness and creaminess are perfectly balanced, the result is a delicious and satisfying treat that’s hard to resist.
  • The availability of a wide range of flavors; as the preferences of the community change, so too should the flavors of milk tea.

And the factors mentioned above are what we’ve taken into consideration when choosing our top picks for bubble tea.

Best bubble tea in TorontoGoogle RatingNo. of Google Reviews
The Alley4.51,131
ICHA TEA4.6687
Noon Moment4.5386
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice4.3750

Where To Find The Best Bubble Tea in Toronto?

The Google Maps below pins the locations of the best Bubble tea in Toronto.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find your new favorite drink – read on to learn more!

The Alley

“Where every drink is a work of art”

When it comes to stunning and delicious bubble tea, The Alley is in a league of its own. (Image source: The Alley Instagram)

The Alley is a must-visit destination for bubble tea enthusiasts who appreciate beautiful drinks that look as good as they taste. They are well known for their intricate beverages, each one more beautiful than the last. From their Iron Goddess to their Deerioca Fever, each drink is a true work of art.

It’s hard to believe that something that looks so beautiful could taste even better, but it’s true at The Alley. (Image source: The Alley Instagram)

One of The Alley’s most popular offerings is their Deerioca series, which features freshly handmade tapioca. For anyone looking to up their Instagram game with a stunning drink, The Alley is the perfect place to go.

Pricing: Starts at $6.75


  • The milk tea has a very tea flavor, making it a great option for tea lovers.
  • The in-house made tapioca is always perfect
  • Has a wide variety of unique flavors


  • The price for quantity is not as good as other nearby bubble tea stores.

Location: 5 St Joseph St, Toronto, ON M4Y 0B6

Google Rating:  4.5 stars out of 5 (1,131 reviews)

The Alley has a 4.5-star rating with over 1,100 reviews. With beautiful and intricate drinks that are as delicious as they are gorgeous, The Alley is sure to become a fast favorite for anyone who loves bubble tea.


“Enjoy some quali-tea time”

Take a break from your busy day and relax with a cup of bubble tea at Icha Tea. (Image source: phaniegi.foodiedaily Instagram)

With a high-quality menu that features an impressive variety of teas imported from Asia, Icha Tea is a bubble tea lover’s paradise. Whether you’re a fan of white, green, oolong, or black tea, Icha Tea has something that’s sure to hit the spot. Their mission is to create a space where people can come together to enjoy some quali-tea time, and they certainly succeed in doing just that.

Tea lovers rejoice! Icha Tea will satisfy all your bubble tea cravings. (Image source: ICHA TEA Instagram)

Icha Tea serves a wide variety of delicious bubble teas, including crowd-pleasers like iced matcha lattes and roasted oolong milk tea. But Icha Tea doesn’t only provide the standard fare; they have a huge selection of exotic and original tastes, too.

Pricing: standart tea starts at $3.90


  • High-quality tea leaves used in the drinks, providing a deeper and more flavorful taste.
  • Spacious seating area, including a back room and small patio in the front.
  • A variety of teas to choose from and the option to watch the tea being brewed in front of you.


  • Long wait times for orders

Location: 235 Spadina Ave. Unit 4, Toronto, ON M5T 2E2

Google Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5  (687 reviews)

Out of over 680 reviews, ICHA tea has garnered a rating of 4.6 stars. So if you’re looking for a cozy and welcoming space to enjoy some high-quality bubble tea, look no further than Icha Tea.


“Discover a whole new world of bubble tea.”

Get ready for a flavor explosion with Baroness’s handmade brown sugar pearls and grass jelly. (Image source: Baroness Instagram)

It’s easy to see why Baroness is taking Toronto by storm. Originally from Taipei, this beloved chain has expanded across Asia and made a name for itself thanks to its commitment to quality ingredients and storytelling. At Baroness, it’s not just about the drinks—it’s about the experience.

It’s about creating a memorable experience for every customer at Baroness. (Image source: Baroness Instagram)

Handmade brown sugar pearls and grass jelly, which adds a delightful and distinctive touch to their already fantastic drinks, are one of the menu’s highlight attractions here at Baroness. Whether you want a basic brown sugar bubble tea or something a bit more interesting like their purple yam milk with brown sugar or pineapple iced tea, you’ll find it here. Baroness has something that’s sure to hit the spot.

Pricing: starts at $5.50


  • Beautifully decorated and cozy interior with a good amount of seating
  • Offers late hours, making it a good place to study or hang out with friends
  • Provides free wifi and has good lighting


  • Drinks can be a bit pricey, which may not be ideal for those on a tight budget

Location: 421 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1T1

Google Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5 (413 reviews)

Baroness is the place to go in Toronto if you love bubble tea with its outstanding 4.8 stars across more than 400 reviews. What really sets Baroness apart, though, is not simply the drinks themselves, but the care taken to make each customer’s visit special.

Noon Moment

“Classic boba in all the best flavors”

Noon Moments’ diverse menu has something to suit every taste. (Image source: Noon Moment Instagram)

With its sleek and contemporary interior, Noon Moment is a bubble tea shop that has quickly become a local favorite. They offer customers an array of classic boba in a variety of delicious flavors. From milk teas to slushies and sherbet drinks, Noon Moment has something for everyone.

Noon Moment’s sleek and contemporary interior is the perfect backdrop for your new favorite bubble tea spot. (Image source: Noon Moment Instagram)

Customers can also customize the sweetness level and amount of ice in their drinks, ensuring a personalized experience every time. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic bubble tea, a refreshing smoothie, or a fruity tea, Noon Moment has got you covered. So stop by and experience the true taste of tea for yourself!

Pricing: starts at $5.39


  • Wide variety of unique bubble tea options.
  • Great indoor seating space.
  • Fair pricing.


  • Lack of flavor in the fruit tea drink.

Location: 1993 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M3N 2V3

Google Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 (386 reviews)

All of the drinks at this bubble tea shop are infused with the proprietors’ genuine enthusiasm for letting customers experience the full flavor of their tea.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

“Make your taste buds sing”

Passionfruit Lemon Tea with Honey Jelly, a refreshing combination at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. (Image source: CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Instagram)

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is an internationally renowned bubble tea establishment. With a focus on quality and consistency, they offer a wide variety of delicious bubble tea flavors and toppings.

Customize your bubble tea exactly how you like it at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. (Image source: CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Instagram)

CoCo’s dedication to using only the freshest and best quality ingredients in its drinks is a distinguishing attribute. Drinks may be personalized to taste with a selection of fresh taro, sago, and coconut jelly toppings. CoCo has a dedicated fan base because of their commitment to providing delicious bubble tea every time you order.

Pricing: starts at $5.40


  • Affordable prices
  • Service is quick and efficient
  • Wide selection of drinks available


  • Limited seating

Location: 371 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2G3

Google Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5 (750 reviews)

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has 750 ratings and 4.3 stars on Google. If you’re looking for bubble tea, be sure to stop by CoCo for a refreshing and delicious treat.

Cheers to Toronto’s Best Bubble Tea

No matter what your personal preferences may be, the best bubble tea places are sure to have something that will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

So next time you’re in the mood for a refreshing and delicious drink, be sure to seek out the best bubble tea places mentioned above and sip your way through a world of sweet and satisfying flavors.