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Master That Perfect Swing: 5 Best Batting Cages In Toronto

There is science behind those perfect swings you see from professional baseball players, and the best batting cages in Toronto are here to help you achieve that!

Learning the fundamentals is very important to be skilled in baseball, and one essential factor in mastering the sport is choosing the right batting cage where you will train. The facilities, coaching services, and overall vibe of the place make a lot of difference in your batting experience.

And in this article, we highlight the best batting cages within and nearby Toronto that will put your batting to the next level!

How They Were Chosen

Choosing the best batting cages that will be included on our list required researching different factors, and these include:

  • Their facilities and equipment

  • Key features they offer, including other services aside from batting cages

  • Pricing

  • Google reviews and ratings

We looked for the best batting cage for each category that we can think of, so each item on our list is the top choice for its niche.

Batting Fundamentals For A Perfect Swing

But before practicing your swings, it’s important to know these batting fundamentals to maximize your session.

Get into a comfortable stance. For beginners, a square stance is the most common. Position your feet a little bit wider than your shoulder width to have a wide base.

  1. Load against your back side, not over it. In baseball, loading is how you transfer your weight to the back leg and the stretch of the hands back.

  2. The swing starts when your front heel drops. This happens when your hips rotate, back knee comes forward, and you’re beginning to have your weight on the inside part of your back toe.

  3. Your elbows should stay the same distance apart throughout your swing.

  4. When you get to the point of contact with the ball, your one hand palm should be facing up, while the other one is facing down. This puts you in the most efficient position that will maximize your batting power.

Sticking to the basics will take you a long way, and even the best players have this as their secret!

Where Are They Located

The batting cages are pinned in the Google Map below.

Here are five of the best batting cages in Toronto that you should try!

The Baseball Zone

Best indoor batting cage”

Play With Your Best Bud and Enjoy Every Moment At The Baseball Zone.
Play With Your Best Bud and Enjoy Every Moment At The Baseball Zone.

The Baseball Zone is Canada’s most all-inclusive interior baseball and softball exercise center. With 15,000 sq ft, they have the latest and best machines available to offer the ideal environment for honing your abilities.

Having the most effective batting cages on the market, the Baseball Zone offers a comprehensive training facility where players can practice taking live batting or hitting off pitching machines. They also feature the most up-to-date artificial turf technology, which offers the safest and most realistic indoor surface.

The Baseball Zone is your top pick for all of your baseball and softball needs thanks to its additional amenities including a lounge area and viewing mezzanine.

Pricing: Day Pass is $25 which gives unlimited access to the facility for a day.

What People Think About It:


  • Passionate coaches with high standards of knowledge and commitment to the game
  • Great and high-quality facilities
  • Turf feels like a natural grass


  • Their rate can be a bit pricey

Location: 1081 Brevik Place, Mississauga, ON L4W 3R7

Google Reviews: 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars (83 Reviews)

Diamond Beach Sports

Best for someone with a tight budget”

Batter Up At Diamond Beach Sports.
Batter Up At Diamond Beach Sports.


Diamond Beach Sports is a great place to practice your batting skills. The facility offers a variety of cages, including slow-pitch and fast-pitch, as well as arcades and go-karts. Its cages are equipped with automated pitching machines and scoreboards that provide instant feedback on your performance.

The staff at Diamond Beach Sports are knowledgeable and friendly, and they can guide technique and practice tips to help you improve your batting skills. Whether you’re new to baseball or just want to sharpen your existing skills, Diamond Beach Sports is the perfect place for you!

Pricing: $4 per round or $11 for 3 rounds (20 pitches per round​)

What People Think About It:


  • Affordable rate
  • Offers a variety of speeds (20-60 mph) and types of the ball (softball or hardball)
  • Great way to get some fresh air and exercise


  • Weather dependent. The facility is closed when there are weather disturbances.

Location: 575 Centennial Park Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9C 5M3

Google Reviews: 4.3 out of 5.0 Stars (232 Reviews)

Baseline Sports

Best place for batting and celebrating events”

Baseline Sport’s High-End Facility Will Make You Want To Stay Longer.
Baseline Sport’s High-End Facility Will Make You Want To Stay Longer.


Boasting almost 20,000 square feet of area, Baseline Sports can support your team in its journey to the top. They possess three turf fields that are each 130 feet long, granting ample space for sports activities. If you need a place to conduct team practice, they have two lanes with four retractable cages to facilitate the transition from defense to pitching and hitting.

Do you aspire to enhance your conditioning and strength? Then the High-Performance Lane/Lab is your best option. With their 2 full-size (90’x15′) permanent enclosures (equipped with Hittrax) and a Gym (40’x30′), this Lane offers you the opportunity to maintain physical fitness as well as practice pitching and hitting. Additionally, limited space for fielding drills is available within the gymnasium.

Pricing: Baseball cage rental starts at $37.50 for 30 minutes

What People Think About It:


  • Space is well-suited to parties and other events
  • You don’t have to be a baseball player to enjoy here
  • Fantastic place and wonderful staff


  • No aircon. Can be too hot during summer.

Location: 4 Ashwarren Rd, North York, ON M3J 1Z5

Google Reviews: 4.6 out of 5.0 Stars (73 Reviews)

Timber Creek Golf & Family Fun Centre

Best for family and groups of all ages”

Timber Creek Mini Golf & Fun Centre
Timber Creek Mini Golf & Fun Centre

Timber Creek Mini Golf & Family Fun Centre is a great destination for families looking for an enjoyable and affordable day out. It offers something for everyone, from batting cages and go-karts to mini golf and arcade games. The batting cages provide an opportunity to practice your swing or unleash your inner slugger, while the courses are well-maintained and offer a variety of challenging obstacles.

Additionally, the arcade features a selection of classic and modern games perfect for both kids and adults alike. With its convenient location, friendly atmosphere, and numerous activities available aside from batting cages, Timber Creek Mini Golf & Family Fun Centre is sure to be a hit with all ages.

Pricing: Starts at $3 for 1 batting token (good for 15 pitches)

What People Think About It:


  • Has a lot of other activities to offer aside from batting cages
  • Activities cover all age groups, everyone will enjoy themselves here.
  • Can rent helmets and use their bats


  • Can get crowded at times

Location: 12772 Ninth Line, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON L4A 2Z7

Google Reviews: 4.7 out of 5.0 Stars (1,461 Reviews)

Pickering Playing Fields

Best for kids”

Pickering Playing Fields
Pickering Playing Fields

Step up to your game with Pickering Playing Fields’ cutting-edge batting cages!

All skill levels can practice their game with their batting cage system. Whether you prefer a quick pitch at speeds over 90 mph or a traditional slow pitch lob-ball, their technology can be configured to match your needs.

Visit Pickering Playing Fields for a day of fun at the batting cages – it’s guaranteed to improve anyone’s game. With seven cages accessible for practice, you’ll have all the opportunity to hone your batting skills!

Pricing: Starts at $5 for one round (24 balls).

What People Think About It:


  • Very family-friendly vibe, the place is very safe for kids
  • Have other activities like a mini-putt, driving range, and volleyball
  • Great place to host your next group function


  • Closes during winter

Location: 1610 Bayly St, Pickering, ON L1W 3N2

Google Reviews: 4.2 out of 5.0 Stars (489 Reviews)

Go Full Swing At These Batting Cages

Whether you’re playing baseball as a hobby or training as a professional athlete, the best batting cages mentioned above will help you achieve your personal goals. Most importantly, these batting cages have superior facilities that will further aid in your training while minimizing the risks of a potential injury.

Practice your batting skills and get your bat in full swing now!