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The Activity

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Share your great
activity with thousands
of eager clients.

Do you have an activity that you know your city will love? The Activity Map is a marketplace that lets vendors share their magnificent experiences and connect to a new realm of fun-hunting customers.

Start getting the love your
activity deserves.

Expose your business to more customers.

Get seen by 1000s of local clients looking for great things to do.

See more leads convert.

Our intuitive platform makes activity bookings simple for both clients and vendors.

Raise your activity profile online.

List your activity on a prestigious marketplace.

See more bookings.

Start earning more, faster.

Get listed on the fastest-growing
activity marketplace.

We know it takes much work to get above the typical tourist activities in your city. Finally, there’s an activity marketplace that goes beyond those stereotypical visits to jaded spots. The Activity Map grows in userbase daily, with locals looking for unique, exciting, and memorable experiences. Vendors can leverage the increasing number of prospective clients.
One-Stop Shop

We're an all-in-one location for activity booking.

1000s of Clients

There are troves of visitors to The Activity Map every day.

Sign Up in Minutes

Get set up and sell activities in the snap of a finger.

Quick Leads

See prospective clients flock to your listing.


Give your activity a dynamic new edge


Introduce a new online revenue stream to your business.


It's a power-packed, simple way to see your activity grow.

The Activity Map is sophisticated in capabilities and elegant in delivery. Finally, there’s a more straightforward way for clients to discover, book, and enjoy great local activities. Partnering with the platform as a vendor will entitle users to a suite of tools, perks, and benefits that will help take their business to the next level. Those include:
Vendor-Dedicated Pricing
We understand the financial challenges activity vendors face on popular marketplaces. Sometimes half your sale can go to the platform when you’re doing all the hard work. The Activity Map offers a vendor-friendly pricing system where you choose your prices. And don’t worry, we only take a 10% commission from each sale.
Convenient Booking System
Don’t worry about having to work unsuitable hours. The Activity Map offers vendors one of the most sophisticated booking systems. Choose the hours and timeslots available for your activities; clients can only book in that timeframe. Once clients have booked, you’ll see the time slot in your account, neatly organized for your convenience.
One-Click Marketing
Don’t want to spend money on a website or expensive advertising? Our one-click marketing tools make selling and promoting your services in a single location easy without spending all your revenue. Enjoy a refreshing way to sell your activities, whether a full-time job or a side hustle.


Joining up with The Activity Map is easy.

Are you ready to be your city’s next big thing? Signing up and getting started is easy. Follow this three-step process to begin selling your activity on the platform.


Create your profile

Register a profile on The Activity Map with your name, location, and activity.


Fill in all the essentials

List information about your activity with an exciting description, pricing, availability, and all other details.


Publish your activity

Our quality assurance team will vet the listing to ensure it meets our standards; then, you’ll be published on the platform!

Success stories start with a great idea.

We understand the obstacles behind having a great idea but getting out there is tough. Hundreds of thousands are looking for date night activities, weekend experiences, and something to do out of the norm. It’s our profound ambition to bring them all into one place so that they can see all the hidden gems a vendor just like you have to offer.

Start writing your success story with The Activity Map today!


We're always here to help our vendors

Do you have questions about our platform? Discover answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to contact our support team should you need help finding what you’re looking for
The Activity Map is a unique activity marketplace that sees growing traffic from highly-ranked search engine spots, referrals, social sharing, and word of mouth. Trust that listing your activity on the platform will pull in the type of customer you seek, being exposed in more areas of the web.

The world is your oyster when it comes to activities! You can list any experience you offer, from promotional deals at entertainment locations to lessons. We do note that we vet all activities before publishing and will not accept any illegal, misleading, explicit, or inappropriate listings.

The Activity Map reserves the right to remove or reject activities breaking our terms and conditions.

The Activity Map is constantly growing and spreading across numerous demographics. The core client base right now consists of couples looking for date night activities, different things to do, and non-touristy experiences.

We know that money is the most critical part of the process, no matter how passionate you are about your activity. The Activity Map puts getting you paid as a number one priority, partnering with an excellent financial platform to make withdrawals easy.

Once the booking is made, we’ll hold the payment until the clients have completed the activity. Afterward, we’ll process the balance to your earnings account minus our 10% commission from the booking. You’ll be able to withdraw your earnings immediately.

The Activity Map provides local activity vendors an extraordinary opportunity to promote and earn more from their services. We’re one of the most intuitive, user-friendly marketplaces available. We consistently see an influx of traffic to the page. Vendors can take advantage of the channel, giving their activities a competitive edge and a chance to increase revenues.